Traditional marketing and social media marketing

The introduction of social media has had an enormous impact in our lives in every aspect: How we live, how we think, react, interact and shop have all transformed. When it comes to marketing, most of the old ways disappeared for good. Social media marketing carried out by expert agencies like Birmingham social media companies have come up with innovative ways that differ greatly from traditional methods. This article intends to take a peek at how things have changed in marketing over the past decade or so.

Let’s start by giving out the definitions of the two terms; “Marketing” and “Social Media Marketing” as defined on Cambridge Dictionaries website:


“a job that involves encouraging people to buy a product or service.”

Social Media Marketing:

Methods for advertising products, services, or brands using the internet, by attracting the interest of groups of people who discuss them, make suggestions about them, etc. online

As it can be seen from the definitions above, it’s not as simple as adding the term “social media” into the definition of marketing.

Before social media, marketing strategies relied heavily on “trial and error” approach as there was no way to get immediate feedback from customers. Most customers didn’t want to go into trouble of sending long e-mails to complain about a product they’d bought. In a world where even this was rare, there was no way for someone to send positive feedback e-mails to companies. But now, they can share their shopping experience with a single click on the “share” button of their favourite platform.

Another revolution has happened in terms of accessibility. Now, there’s no need to create a poster ad for business websites. Companies only need to post ads, offers, coupon codes or last-minute deals regularly on their social media accounts. Such ads will be seen by the customer base at all times.

There’s no doubt that social media marketing will keep finding new methods. Implementation of these methods will definitely change our social media behaviour once again.